I've been single for 6 months now from a 8 year relationship, trying to figure out what to do
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just enjoy being songle until you find love again

Thank you

Enjoy it.

I'll try

Think about those eight years. This relationship ended. Why? What was wrong. Whatever it was, wasbad enough to end a relationship. Think about that and think about not having that negativity in your life.

I know why the relationship ended there were things both her and I did, I cheated on her and she was keeping secrets from me, I tried to repair the relationship but she ultimately ended it with me, she wanted to end it with me 3 years in but she waited 5 years later to tell me

So,now it is healing time. Two years. Then you can be healed enough to start something new. In some self help group i attended, they mentioned something about waiting as long as half the time you were together. But i think thats a bit much.

Thank you

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Enjoy the peace and quiet.