I'm single by choice rather than by lack of choice. I've been told I have attractive features here and there, but I don't really like hearing that. I mean, it feeds my ego 100% of the time, but I don't enjoy having that boost of self-confidence. This is mostly because I feel like I have more ability to do things with people and mess them up than I should. I've been in maybe four relationships so far, all of which I ended. Every time, I've always felt like a dog spending more time with another human and being their best friend, rather than with the human that deemed "ownership" over me. I can't stick with one person at all, because my eyes move, as do my emotions and interests. This is one of the reasons why I'm single by choice - I know that I should wait more years, because of the fact that I'm still in those lust-filled teen years where lust is mistaken for love constantly. It's stupid to pursue love where I'm at right now, because I know how it will end. It will end just as it has the other times. Also, I've realized that things from the past really messed with my own perception of love, making me jump to rash decisions that ended with me feeling regret the following year. It's all really dumb, in actuality. You're young and you want to find love, only to realize that what you kept finding was anything but, or just something that happened from the hope and prospect of love. So I guess what I have to say to anyone reading this who doesn't feel that they can find love at their age (I'm talking anyone from 14 up to 23, and maybe just scratching that edge of 26), just wait a while. That's what I'm doing, because I don't mind waiting. Good things come with patience, regret comes from a lack thereof. There is no rush to find love. If you think you've found it, poke around that bush of what you believe to be love. Find out more about it. Think about your intentions, the other's intentions, your wants, their wants, the tempo of a relationship, the steps you both are taking, etc. If you realize that you two (or multiple, if you're more towards polygamy with good intentions) aren't the perfect pair, it's alright. It just means you were fooled by lust, which in retrospect really really sucks and hurts a lot. I have friends who find it difficult because of this constant screwing over of emotions and not knowing what's true and what isn't. I have no way to help that, nor am I capable of convincing anyone that actual love does exist and that it just takes patience and a reserved outlook of stuff. I can only hope for others to see what I see. You have to convince yourself that it exists. You have to understand it won't happen when you want it to.

And so yeah, these are my thoughts that go with being single. Especially being single voluntarily.
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It helps to read that others are in the same boat but it's harder to know if i realy love the person beacuse i need to find out if hes gay first......