I don't think majority of people understand that when your single everything is more there like all you see is more couples and people getting engaged and having kids. I mean I'm happy for them but it hurts all the same that you know it will be a while that you can get to that stage of happiness and in itself be happy. But you also have to take in consideration the fact that yes you go on dates and you have people interested in you but at the end of it you are still single and its hard to separate the hurt you get from having each and every relationship thrust into your face even though it's not meant to be but still is and the hurt you get fro. seeing other people happy even though that's a good thing. It's still ******* hard especially when your friends try and set you up with people they think will be "best" for you yet they don't know what goes through your mind every time you even think about dating. So come on you relationshipers just have a thought what us single people are going through for once.
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Good rant xD haha