I'm fed up of being single. I'm 18 and never been in a relation. :(
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Dude you need to realise that you DO NOT NEED WOMEN, THEY NEDD YOU. You have many strong qualities that you need to find and focus on. Women are sheep and love to be lead, find your qualities, build them up, hit the gym and the ***** will follow.

dude your comment is really an eye opener. I loved it, you gave me so much confidence lol

I'm almost 21 and never dated trust me I know it sucks.

Oh My Goodness. I don't know why people think being a teen makes you eligible to date. Don't rush it just take your time. There are benefits to being single. No one should date until they are ready to marry because dating is the first step to marrying. I know an 18 year that rushed a marriage and he was torn up when his wife left a few months after there wedding. So, Think before you Act. I hope this helped I didn't mean to be rude in any way.

If you rush into marriage and do at such a young age it isn't that surprising that they divorced. You should be in a relationship for years.

That's what I was trying to say.

My bad I didn't understand at first.

I wasn't surprised I was trying to tell him that rushing it can end up terribly.

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Don't rush it - work on your courting/ approaching skills by the time - attempts I mean - each time studying the nature of each side , both you and person - learn the types of women out there and be you and then you may begin to understand your type of girl to go after - I see this as necessary cause love is a very great thing to experience - to love some one and to be loved by someone .

I'm 21 going on 22. I'm still a virgin, I never even kissed a girl and I went on a few dates recently that never led to anything more.

at least you've dated, I even suck at that

It's hardly dating when you just spend time with a girl without making out or kissing.

When you go on a date you go on a date. You don't have to kiss to make it a date. No one should kiss until they are married. There[s a reason why the guy says you may kiss the bride after they are married.

Well that's your opinion but I don't consider a night out with a girl where we just go eat somewhere and talk to be an actual date. I can do that with a friend too.

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