I'm single now and I am enjoying every minute of it!!!

It's wonderful to feel free and alive again!!!

Perhaps one day I'll change my status but I don't see myself doing it any time soon :)

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You got that right padfoot!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

awesome !!!!!!!! thats wt matters in life .........................'' FREEDOM ''

Gr8...... As long as you are loving life and getting what you need...who needs a piece of paper stating you're married?

Thank you Kahakai!! There is some pesky paperwork that is still in the process but I am certainly on my way!!!!!!! ;-)

A long time coming. Congratulations.

I don't get too free with my pics aces :-)

You look pretty nice too. I wait to see more freedom on your pic.

LOL noelsantillan :-)

If you would consider being with someone, Let me know, I'll apply for it

Thank you usaone!!! :-)

Thank you so much for your kind words patstarrynight!!!! I love being happy and staying positive and I love it when others appreciate it!!!!! (((((hugs))))

I have only been on this site a short time but I really think you should have an advice column Pix! There are so many people here who would rather stay miserable then do what you did. Your smiling face comes through in your writing. This thread has been such a pleasure to read. Finally someone who is happy AND single! Go figure! <br />
<br />
With that type of attitude, you will only attract the right kind of man for you. I wish you nothing but the best in your future.<br />
<br />
P.S. LOVE all the lingerie pics, very classy

I'll have you know wolverine that my vibe does count, we've had many happy times together!!! His name is BOB *wink* hehehe!!!

For your story I see you're single, but that doesn't mean your bored right? Are you having some fun? (your vibe doesn't count...hehehe)

Josie!!! You always have the nicest things to say, I just love you girl ((((((HUGS))))))<br />
<br />
Yes Mother, I like Vodka...wanna drink some with me? hehehe! ;-)

Vodka? Do you like this drink?

Single, beautiful, elegant, sexy, ravishing, passionate, loving, curvaceous, warm, compassionate woman!<br />
<br />
You're fantastic, your friends know that.<br />
<br />
Have fun. Be safe and enjoy life.<br />
<br />

Yes does...I'm technically separated too...separated by Arizona & New Mexico hehehe!<br />
<br />
Of course you can join mt! Don't forget to bring some booze! hehehe! ;-)

I want in on watching FG and Pix to dance on the tables...... If I ask nice and give them massages maybe they let me???? *wink*

Well. I have a daughter but I'm single too. Well. So I'm separated from my husband. I think that makes me single. Right?

Woo hoo! You know I'm down with that girl !!!!!!!! :-D

Doggone it! I came here to congratulate you on your divorce. I am happy you are free though love and now we can go dance on tables together one night. I will be bringing Silver, HC and another special friend with me.

Thank you!!!!!! I like it too! :-)

Thanks Porfavor!!!! :-)

cheers to that Pix

It certainly beats being miserable! :-)

Going to feel that too soon.....

thanks mt, it feels pretty good!!! :-)

Congrats and glad to hear......

Very well said stargazerlily!! I completely agree! :-)