Hmm, What To Do?

Little slice of my life and need a little advice.

There is this co-worker that I always had a thing for.  I have known her for about 5 years or so.  Anyways, the other night we met up at this little bar that just openned it's doors.  It was a nice little place that had a band.  Before the band started playing she made a comment that she was "on the prowl".  That kinda puzzled me when she said that.  Why did she say that sitting there with me?  That got me thinking some, was this an actual date or just a couple friends meeting up somewhere?  She also said that she does not like to go out that much, sorta likes to chill at home.  She also does not drink that much, I mean, she will sip on a single glass of wine for like a hour or so. 

So, the night went on...The band came out and starting to play and it was getting kinda loud plus getting packed.  We decided to leave that place and walk down to another little place.  It went well and this place but it was getting late and we decided to call it a night.  Now, I did not try to make a move (kiss,etc) out of respect for her.  The only thing I did do was when we were walking down the sidewalk and met someone walking in the other direction, I would let her get about 1 step in front of me and I would put my hand on her back...about mid high.  To end the night, I walked her to her car and she drove me around to mine.  As I was getting in mine, I noticed she was still sitting there in her car, I said to myself "Oh my, I hope I really did not mess this up".  I walked over to her and ask was everything ok and she said (this stuck in my head) "I just wanted to see you get into yours".  That left me confused she throwing things out there that are going completely over my head?  Am I just blind?

Now, I as I said before, we are co-workers but we work different shifts in the same department...I work days and she works nights.  There is only one day that we actually get so see each other in the morning and evening at work.  And if I want to see her, I have to walk over to where she is working. 

Should I ask her out for maybe dinner and a nice resturant?  Prolly not drinks cause she does not drink that much.  I really want an "official" date where I would pick her up at her place.  If so, should I wait a week before I ask her?  I am just a little confused with the things she said.  Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks in advance.

RJ74 RJ74
Feb 8, 2010