Honestly I Can't Think Of A Title!!! X_x;

I'm single. And when I say that, it makes me want to say about 5 things all at the same time. Where to start?

I wish I were in love but I accept that I'm not. I have great friends and a great life...so do I really need to get hooked up? Maybe it won't actually make life better? It is a possibility after all. I want kids. I want a wife. I want a special best friend with whom I can share all my deepest secrets and she will be keenly interested in me, and I in her. I want to get turned on and have kinky sex. Can't blame me I guess.

I've never had a girlfriend, yet I'm aware that many girls are attracted to me. But for some reason it never seems to work out. I don't see the signs, she's in a relationship, we get split up, we never meet in the first place, I manage to scare her away, she believes I'm taken or gay, she thinks I'm a prude and won't respond to her advances, she thinks I'm odd and/or creepy....the list goes on and on with the plethora of reasons. But I guess the biggest reason is probably just that I spent the first 20 years of my life being entirely too shy to talk to anyone of the opposite sex, and so I had to make a fresh start. But I'm not complaining (and I want no sympathy! in case you were planning on it). So here I am....hoping to meet a gal who is single and similar to me. Can't hurt to give me a shot, right? At the very least, you might make a friend!

thereaverofdarkness thereaverofdarkness
26-30, M
Feb 9, 2010