Wheres A Masochist To Look?

Just a 23 yr old girl who stumbled here out of curiosity....not a sadist...actually..complete 180 from it. obviously im single... and im just looing for a guy like... well, all of you here . im a nice sweet girl who just wants to talk.

jennyferjay jennyferjay
22-25, F
4 Responses Feb 11, 2010

can we chat?<br />

I'm kind of a masochist myself, so we have that in common! I've never really experimented much with masochism though, so I'm a newb.

Nothing wrong with that. It's a cool sight to be apart of to just learn and chat. I'm always down. I'm the same as you in terms of not being a nudist. I'm not sure that's sad. People seem to be very understanding on here.

Sure, talk!