How Could I Stand Being Single.. When Everyone Of My Friends.. Already Had..

oh my.. i am totally single.. since last year.. of the same month.. sometimes i got a few question in my mind.. do i not look great.. or something was all wrong about me.. i had so many boy-friends... as in friends,,.. but at the back of my mind.. i really wanted to be loved.. *sight* when do i find my truelove.. :(

isza isza
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

i will loved you as much as u like..<br />

Don't despair Isza! People very rarely meet their soulmate when they're young. They just get carried away with lust and it usually leads to negative consequences. Just be a good friend to all the people you care about, meet new people once in a while, and one day you and someone else will click.