So I am single. I have been single all of my life... really. I am 26 going on 27 and I have been single all my life. I rarely ever like anyone really and when i do i am too petrified to do anything about it. So now there is this guy from work that I like. In the first 6 months that we worked together he had a girlfriend so i kept my distance. Now he is single or at least i think he is. He likes me. I can feel and see that he does but he is shy... and I am shy. So finally after I like after over 13 months of working together I am waiting to see if this develops and goes further and BAM what do i find out?...he might be moving out of the country...  isnt that absolutely ridiculous... ARRGH!!!

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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

Awh now that's harsh! And shy guys are usually the good ones too! I think you should give him a gift, and maybe (if you're sure he's going away) throw him a going away party as a surprise! Who knows? Maybe you two will even become friends and stay in touch after he moves?