And Proud Of It!

There is absolutely no shame in my single status.

Sure a nice relationship would be nice but it simply has not happened for me. In reality I have this gut feeling that for some external reason, I think maybe having to do with planets aligning and what not, I am just not meant to be with anyone. I cannot otherwise explain my past relationships and the failure of each one. I do well when I am alone, I like my life to be a certain way. I am not too good with calling people to let them know that I am going here or there or where I am or what am I going to do... this tends to **** people off.

I have been in two very serious relationships, I have been married twice. My first marriage ended up with me fleeing for my life with 2 little ones to care for. My second marriage ended up in him finding someone else conveniently enough 6 months after we got married. I don't blame the second one for what he did, I knew he didn't love me, I just hope he did.

In all, I have my two kids, my cat, my dog and maybe this is just the way things will be for a while. Maybe, someone is out there for me and like Buble says "I just haven't met you yet"  It is cool. I am cool.

I sort of understand those people who seem to crave companionship but I often wonder , if they know what it means to be alone, to be only with themselves, to take time to know themselves -faults, dreams, goals- truly know themselves as they are with no one but themselves. I wonder if those people are in relationships for the right reasons, if they are happy. I know some of them are doing some things right, not all couples are doomed!

As of right this minute this is who I am, I am single and it is a good thing!

40ishgirl 40ishgirl
41-45, F
Feb 13, 2010