Single, Do I Have Any Problem?


I am single for quite a long time. I am content with my current life, but the problem is that the I feel as the girls dislike me :(

I talked to some girls who I like to have a short term relationship...I even gave my phone number to one person or two...but they never called me :(

Maybe I am not the type that most girls like... (I am slim and not so macho)

I just need a cool mate to talk sometimes and give me hugs when I feel too lonely and depressed. I donot want any sex, or love or marriage. i just want to be sure that there is sb who I can trust. but it seems that no girl wants a simple relationship with me...I try to be honest and a good guy but it seems that no girl likes me:(



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4 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Every time I read these comments, I feel much better :)<br />
Thanks guys you are the best

Don't worry I am 26 Years old and i am still single but i don't worry to much because i belive God will give me the man of my life one day.

Chin up fella, you'll be fine bro give it a bit of time and i'm sure you'll find that girl who just wants to spend time with you. It's not about how your body looks or how macho you are ( trust me I'm all over that scene and it doesn't attract the right kind of girls) just keep being a good guy and you'll find the girl that you want.

he day u will find a nice buddy u desire...when u feel like that just take a piece of paper and write ur feelings there... then half of your bloody feeling willl be gone...