Why does my ex seem to think he can text me anytime he wants when he is depressed or needy or wants to die? I just don't get it. He isn't in my life; he isn't in a relationship with me anymore. Why does he do this to me? And how do I stop caring so he can't hurt me with his words? I don't want to be a b***h.

tattedgirl311 tattedgirl311
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

You need to let them go. Delete the texts. Don't answer the calls. I have the opposite side of that going on and I finally had to say I wasn't going to answer anything from my ex that did not related to our children. otherwise she would call or text constantly and if I will not reconcile, then I was verbally run over . . . again. You have to decide what level of contact you can have with your ex. Based on your post you have likely hit that limit.

Yes, he still has a connection. I still care. Much more about others than I should be caring about myself. He knows how to get what he wants. I need to be smarter. and stronger.