I Am Single And Unhappy

I´ve been single all my life which is exactly 23 years (today it´s my birthday-another one that I celebrate alone). You know, year after year I get more and more depressed. I just don´t wanna end up all by myself. Every single morning I wake up hoping for a change but nothing ever happens. I´m still here, doing the same thing and felling lonely.  

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can we chat?<br />

people always say that it will happen when you least expect, but they're right.<br />
as a man in a film once said to his daughter on the subject of love.. "you never know , lightning could strike "

Even though you feel alone there are people on this site who have experinces like yourself. First of all "Happy Birthday" i understand what you have written as in life I am going through the same phase. Never felt like I would find someone that will be with me to share lifes joy's and sadness. You might find someone when you least expect it, so keep faith that one day will be your turn. Remember when you ever feel alone there is someone that feels the same as you.

Happy birthday :)

thank you for your comment. yes that´s me on the pic. many people tell me that it´s just a matter of time till i meet some one. and yes a totally understand that lesbian thing. just because i´m single it<br />
doesn´ t mean i have to be homosexual. but you know what bugs me the most? that look on the faces of my relatives when me meet up for some family celebration or something and when they ask me like how are you and why didn´t you bring your boyfriend along? and when i say i still don´t have any boyfriend i can see that ex<x>pression on their faces like oh poor girl or girl there might be something wrong with you.