Yep, Single And Starting To Like It

To be honest, I cant even see myself being in a relationship anymore. And im somewhat ok with it. I have people and family members all the time talking about how im so handsome and how i must be "knocking them dead" or something similar. But then I tell them im single and they reply with "well you will find someone soon" Honestly, I dont realy want to find anyone. I love this freedom and I never want to lose it. Once I graduate and become a lawyer I will start making real money and I will be able to do what I truly want with it. Dont have to spend it on gifts, takeing trips, or anything of that nature. I can take trips but for myself, and maybe some of my friends. I can buy gifts, but for my parents or my sisters. I tend to have bad luck when it comes to romance. The women I meet are ether easy and will leave me for another person easily, or They are a money hungry sucubus, Or she is just all around crazy. Dad tells me its a family curse xD

Back on topic, I have learned that there is nothing wrong with being simple and that I dont need somebody ealse in my life to be happy. Im fine just how I am. Slowly but surely on my way to happiness ^_^

Krie Krie
7 Responses Feb 23, 2010

And if it does i will strike back xD

I wasn't looking for anyone to date but it just kinda happened. lol Watch out, love can strike at any time!

Thanks ManEater ^_^

It seems that people like us, preparing to be lawyers, have these kinds of thoughts. I am on the same page here. Hopefully you would be able to stand up one day and say "I am perfectly happy with the fact that I do not need anyone else but me". Best of luck with that!

MadMaximus, you raise a good point. "If you do have doubts they probably aren't the right one". I do not plan to look for a woman for a very long time... maybe late early 30s or 40s.<br />
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Littlemissnobody, thank you for your wishes of fortune. I hope im one of the few who can find happiness within myself. I think im on the right path tho as I have actually begun this journey on the right foot i believe ^_^

good luck. finding true happiness with oneself is a blessing that few every find

I absolutely feel the same way! It's not bad at alll being free :)