Im single and alone and Im tired of it. Im always the one alone, talking and laughing with all my friends and THIER boyfriends and girlfriends. Supporting and hanging out. When can I have what I want. When will I meet someone to be happy with. Im not looking for my husband. just someone to share my time with, to try for. Its sad being alone all the time.  I LOVE living and cuddling and just being. I can't seem to find anyone that fits. WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH ME? I'm not ugly or stupid, so whats the thing that keeps guys away? Why do I seem destined to be alone?

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Thats very sweet thank you:) I wrote this when I was feeling awful about being single. I still don't like it much but it's whatever :)

Nothing is wrong with you. Being single is not all bad. Leaves more time to pursue hobbies or what ever your interested in. I found that being single has left me more time for guitar practice and composition. Sure there are times when I wished I could share my music with nice girl who appreciates creativity but those moments pass. Who knows you could find your self in a relationship with a nice person who appreciates you for you. The best things happen when you least expect them to. Hope things work out for you! ; )

heyy blissfuldreamer, also join a free dating site like plentyoffish, thats has lots of single ppl :)

Thanks beokay..:)<br />
papiyaray, I sleep a lot too. I like the dreams. Then are much happier than the reality lol. Thanks, sometimes knowing you're not the only one who feels alone makes you feel less alone. Like you're not the only one who is having a hard time finding someone. :)

hey gorgeous, i feel like this everyday of my life so i full heartedly knoe exactly how you feel, i cant say anything to make you feel better but what i can say is, i found that sleeping has become my distraction, my comfort, i sleep when i feel so low about about being single, doesnt help that i'm single but at least i can switch off my thoughts xxx

I tell myself to just be patient and I'm being looked after by my angels. So if somethings going to happen it will when the time is right. Staying busy and finding outdoor hobbies to keep your mind off of the single feeling will help cuz then when it happens you won't expect it. If your stuck in a rut see what you can do to change the group you're always with, join different groups once in a while to give you a better chance of meeting a single fun guy. You won't if you hang out with the same people or you would have met soemone by now.