It Hurts To Crave People I Cannot Have!

Right now I’m feeling sad and tearful, it is the emotion I am feeling right – it will pass and I will feel happier.  But why am I feeling this emotion right now.  There is a person that I have developed feelings for but it is union that could never happen, yet I indulge in anyway.  I indulge these feelings for a person that I will never be able to express and that hurts.  I am indulging this because I am bored and it is Sunday and I have no plans all day so what do I do, I indulge in harmless fantasy about someone that I cannot have.  I then feel sad because I do not have anyone that close to me in my life.  Why do I crave people I cannot have?

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

I feel your pain, i too love people who are 'unavailable' to put it simply. And what is more annoying is i am aware of people who love me but i cannot return the feeling....<br />
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life sucks

Emotions can indeed be a bridge to many aspects of your life. First - do not feel bad or put yourself down for these emotions, they are real and they are you. Just observe and take note. Now your logical side says you can never have this person in the way you wish, which could be true - but still feel the freedom to acknowedge your feeling for this person. Be happy that you are able to have feelings for them - embrace it - then let it go. You are right, this situation will pass and change - just as all things in life does. Your ability to love is a celebration in it's own. :)

Hey Thanks Omniel<br />
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I'm totally with you on the thoughts being linked to emotions. I can totally see how my thoughts can take me on a downward spiral emotionally, thankfully I am aware of this and can overcome it. I feel better already I am one of those people who flits from thing to thing, doesn't make the feeling at the moment any less intense. <br />
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You statement makes me question. Well thinking and feeling are usually seen as quite seperate, you either go with your gut or you use logic. So where do emotions come in, are they the bridge between the two? I mean yes thoughts to influence emotions but emotions are our way of distinguising how we feel. Or are feelings and emotions different?