I Am 'marriage-minded'

I hate being single. It sucks. I can't relate to people who are happy being single. I think it's a mask- when it all comes down to it, everyone wants to find a soulmate, a partner, spouse...someone you can share your life and memories with. I never prepared myself for being single and child-less in my 30's. I honestly don't know what to do with myself. I am well-educated, I have a sucessful career but that's not enough. I am NOT married to my job- I am allowing myself the time I need to cultivate social relationships. For some reason, things have never worked out for me in that area so I'm 'forced' to remain single for now. I have real concerns about my ability to start a family of my own and I worry that, the older I get, the harder it will be to find a spouse. I am open to suggestions and I am willing to be setup by friends. It's not the ideal situation but I am really at a loss... If someone is truly happy being single, then I'm happy for you. Happiness is what really matters in the end but my theory is, since we are designed to be social (by nature) it just makes sense that having someone special in your life is important to your mental and emotional well-being.

Sunshyne909 Sunshyne909
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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

no but a man tohelp you take care of the chidren would be nice i bet

You don't need a man to have children, afterall you can get ***** of the internet. I think you are focusing too much on what you don't have and should appreciate what you do have. You need to be secure in yourself and start enjoying your own company, that way you are more likely to attract a mate!