I Was Wrong, Women Don't Want A Good Guy, They What To Be Trophies.

Alright, I recently rant into a situation with a girl that left me shell shocked and gave me a deep sense of realization. This girl was gorgeous, fun, happy, and active. But this girl made me see something I’ve never was before able to interpret. I lost the girl, but I now know so much..

And now, honestly, I can’t even put into words what I’m think, what it is, it’s a feeling. This drowning flooding feeling. That I’m wrong. In how I’ve been acting and living, in my mindset and how I go about my days. My whole world of right and wrong is gone and I’m left on a blank page alone trying to repaint my world.

This girl is gorgeous, fun, happy, active, and you would never assume she slept around. And I’m sure she doesn’t. But knowing that, well… women have sex… It bothers me. I have this deep feeling of needing to be a hero, but they don’t want a hero. This girl, nor any other girl feel like they are being used. And in my absence of life, I’ve taken new roads I’ve never before taken, leading me to parties, to new people, to trouble and to salvation. And my perspective of the world has been proven wrong. Women are not looking for a good guy. They don’t respect themselves, they don’t hold back. Girls who I previous thought as just “relaxed but wholesome” turn out to be wild. And not just wild, I mean crazy. Sex, drugs, parties, and abuse.

I just realize what is wrong with my perspective, this will sound awful, and all the women will deny it, but they are not to be respected, they are trophies, they are items, they are just toys for boys. WHY!? All this time I’ve been trying to treat the women I’m around with respect and honor, but it has left me lonely and depressed for my whole life. But I could never figure out why ****** could get the girls I want so easy. Not even ******, just ANY girl. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s because they took ownership of the girl.

I’ve been what you say you want me to be, But now I’m what you are attracted too.

You did this to me.

BlueJohn46 BlueJohn46
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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

oh goodness. you are just a dumb kid. grow up and when you do you will meet women. but you need to change the way you think. if thats the way you view women, you will never get one. All women are different. i'm sure a young girl could post the same story about a guy and i would say the same thing to her. grow up, experience life, and stop being such a jerk.

Okay, I understand what you're talking about, and you're right - a vast majority of girls are looking for that type of guy... but not all of us are. Trust me, there are still plenty of girls out there that want to be treated with respect. Girls date the wild boys, but marry the sweet ones. Trust me on this - It's really not all girls. I'm not one of those girls. I would NEVER date a guy like the one's you're talking about. Sure, I'm just one of millions, and yeah, I don't even know you, but I'm just saying that maybe you should rethink before you conform to what you think girls want.<br />
<br />
Just something to keep in mind - there are some girls that are not into that whole sex, drugs, and rock and roll thing. :)

man o man do i know what your talking about..... everytime i think i find love my head smashes against the concrete after they pull the rug from my feet, i dont understand why and im always the dumb one left thinking..... wht did i do wrong.....