Is There Something Wrong With Me? ..... Or Is It Them?

Is there something wrong with me? i treat them with respect, im there to listen to their pain when they need me to. i hang out ith them, i never took advantage of them like some bastard....... Every girl ive fallen for i thought that they were amasing, smart, nice.... but it always ends the same... i feel like a million dollars and they make my head hit the pavement with a laugh after they pull out the rug! :'( 

its happened three times so far....... ive known each of them for years i thought i knew them, but theyalways leave for scum that only is there for sex.... to party or drugs. AND THEN THEY TELL ME ABOUT IT! LIKE ITS A JOKE!!! it hurts inside. am i too trusting of them after the first "i love you" or are all girls just that way? i dont wana think that but so far its all pointing that way. Man, i remember looking and seeing nice girls with the scumbags thinking "holy ****! why and how do they get girls like that" a few i knew were like that always going for the scum and getting hit or cheated onby their boyfreind and id sit and listen to them because they were my freinds not because i wanted in their pants like half the guys in the school. am i so wrong to go by what i believe is right and wrong when being a good freind/ boyfriend? in order not to be cheated on or left for a man-*****, do i have to become like those controlling, sex-craved bastards? is it too much for someone to get to know me and maybe go out with me without making me feel miserable in the end like it was all a game? All ive learned so far is the sexist statement: "all men want is to  have sex and leave you" and "all men are pigs and will hurt you". these things are backwards :'( i dont want to think this but im begginning to, please comment. i hope i am wrong.

May, 26, 2010........

I've been hearing alot of very vicious roomers floating around lately from a girl named stact that absolutly hates my best freind chere (who i have strong feelings for) shes been feeding me ALOT of lies lately and I didn't know what to do so i went to chere and decided to talk with her but no dice.... she hasnt answered my calls for a week. i finally snap about two days ago and leave a pretty mean voicemail and I'm FINNALY able to talk to her about these roomers....... come to find out EVERY SINGLE ONE IS TRUE!!!! i don't know what to do anymore, everything in my life that i hold dear feels like its being tainted SHES SLEPT WITH FOUR GUYS!!!! ONE OF THEM KEEP CALLING HER A ****!!!!

I feel like I'm at my endpoint..... I have no god.... my freinds are looking more and more corrupt and slutty..... and i feel like the only thing i have left emotionally (my ethics and morals) is quickly slipping away and lokking like they dont matter anymore...... are most girls ***** and most guys scum bags? is having a good moral code only holding me back? all i know is i dont want to be another stereotype of agnostic or men in general....

Sept. 30 2010.

I've officially been named "gay best freind" type of guy as far as the way my freinds think of me and im straight. for those you you that dont know what it means is apparently im more trustworthy then anyone else but I'll never ever be able to date them.... i feel like crying. ALL my friends are chicks btw.

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18-21, M
4 Responses Mar 1, 2010

yeah i know..... at this point my friends have withered away to one person and shes only using me for rides...... i don't understand it. i feel so alone

What i don't get is girls do this and everyone acts like it's no big deal but when i dude is like this do a girl all hell breaks lose

thanks tat2lust and canisrufis im just having a rly hard time with girls, even the ones ive known for years, they just turn out..... nothing like i thought, and i didnt know if i was right in treating them better than those ******** or not but u guys built up my confidence abit ty.

I am similar to you. To be quite honest, I find girls our age to be hugely immature, and so I don't bother with them. I went for someone older and I couldn't be happier :)