They Hate Me!

I do not know why, but every time I notice someone as a nice, kind match for me...she runs away! no matter where...even in online dating...I tried 3 4 people and all of them simply ignored me and deleted my email :(:(

I really love one of them (from what she wrote on her profile, she was a great match for me), I really tried to be honest and show my interest in the first mail...but I am deleted!:(:(

I saw three emails deleted today and feel really depressed

dreamer1985 dreamer1985
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awh that was sad..but do not worry it will surely come..true love waits..i am 20 and also single..actually a certified no boyfriend since birth..:P you just have to live with your life, enjoy it while your still young. there are a lot of person out there like a BIG hug and a smile....:)

Just feel you are all great guys...<br />
I think I made a mistake,...I didnot want to date and I register in these silly websites.. I all needed is some friends to share the stories...well I think I have YOU all.....THANKS....<br />
By the way, I am 24 years old and am a sister and her husband say all the time how I can live without any any girlfriend (I have never had one...). people think I am insane or have some mental or sexual problems. Most importantly, there is some time that I feel really alone, and unfortunately this happen more and more...<br />
Also I do not meet any interesting person in club and at is horrible...<br />
And also I hate dating on the streets<br />

People usually are not who they say they are online. The probably deleted you because they were going to be found out. One girl I know lied to a guy, then decided she liked him but didn't want to tell him she lied, so she quit talking to him, made up a new person and got to know him again as herself. He never found out about all of this either.<br />
<br />
The fact is meeting people via the internet is not a good idea. Best you join a club, church, organization and meet people there with similar interests. <br />
<br />
Fact is guys under the age of 20 have a hard time meeting women. Your day will come.

Awh, dont take it personally. Email me if you want to talk x

I don't know if it's completely personal dreamer1985. I think it's just a case of us being lonely and wanting to speak to someone - and them? Well, they have other friends and lives outside of this. I won't say 'the right will come along' I know how depressing that can be.. Have a good one. Cheers LMN :)

Don't worry it just takes time to find the right one. Email me if you would like to I would like to chat more and maybe you could give me an example of the emails being deleted. I would like to try and help if you want.