Still Single

I am so lonely, I find it hard to cope with life. I am 26 and spilt with my ex 5 years ago, the problem is nobody i meet seems to like me. I feel like I have been single forever. We split up as she cheated on me. I am tired of being on my own, it is not the same talking to friends as it is to a partner. Yet the whole world seem to be able to meet partners and it just doesnt happen for me.

Yet every girl I meet who i like doesn't feel the same about me. Yet all of my friend seem to find it really easy to meet partners, and i feel like i am going to be on my own for the rest of my life. I mean if i have never met anyone who liked me since i was 21, its unlikely now i am older anyone is going to fall for me. In total I am nearly 27, and life is passing me by, I feel so hard done by, everyone else has a better life. yet I haven't met anyone who liked me for five years now. I think that is a fair think to say as well, most people who are single have been single for less than one year. And since most people arnt single I feel like I really have the short straw. I find it hard to accept that i have to live like this, when everyone else is having fun. Ive looked at my life and dont think their is anything i could change. I mean I have good social skills, lots of friends, but unless I get a break I dont think i can be happy. Somtimes their is nothing you can change, I think thats why i am worried i may become an Alcoholic. Beacuse I have tried my hardest, I have waited a lot of years, and life has been one big let down. I dont want to feel bad about not having a partner, but when you feel like you have nothing to live for in the future, you might as well be dead, as I am dead inside.

JustMagik JustMagik
26-30, M
Mar 2, 2010