Single And Looking

I've been thinking about how long I have been single and I realized that it had been several years since I was in a relationship. I have dated and such but I have not been in any real relationships in a long time. To add to that I stopped dating for the past 2 years as I fell into a vicious cycle of depression. However after a long time of being alone, of letting go of self-hate, of seeing a great friend find and live with a fantastic woman, that I have been actively looking to no longer be single. For those of you who can remain single and have no reservations about it; I envy you.
mhalberstram mhalberstram
26-30, M
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

i have never had long relationships either<br />
i'd love to have a serious one, that would be nice, i have been looking for it for years and i still haven't find the right person