It Would Be Nice To Have A Close Companion...

Do you ever get that situation where you've been out of the loop for a while and there's someone you've been fairly keen on for a long time but every single time you look or hear that they're single again or whatever somebody has already moved in there and snapped them up? That's what keeps happening to me and it's slightly irritating... Almost completely not that irritating, like chewing on a piece of gum just a little too long, or trying to sleep sideways on a hill slope. What irks me is these days it's like you have to be a constant presence in the life of your 'desired one' while they have a partner or something, waiting for the day that they break up with their partner in order to even have a chance to swoop in there first. I feel like that's kind of a creepy thing to do though, rooting for a person's relationship to fail (or worse, being sneaky and manipulative trying to convince them to love you instead). If I did that I'd feel like I was constantly parked around the corner from the girl's house waiting for intel on their relationship status on twitter so I could quickly run to the door and ask them out as soon as I got a whiff of trouble in paradise before anyone else got a chance, like a foot race or something. That thought actually amuses me a little bit. Imagine if multiple guys did that. A whole crowd of them hiding in the garbage cans and bushes and stuff, watching, waiting forlornely to get in there first and charm the prize. As soon as they got the go ahead they would all fight frantically to get to the front door first so they could schmooze their way in there. Like a repeat of the great ***** race for the ovum or whatever. Enough of that nonsense though. I know I'm not desperate in that way, I'm actually pretty cool about the whole thing. I don't care about having a partner, but it would be nice to have a close female companion or something. There's kind of a longing for that intimate connection sometimes because something like that in my life would distract me from my nuerotic thoughts and obsessions, put something else in my mind for a change. It's not always easy being alone, but it has an equal amount of perks to being in a relationship... Plus I'm getting pretty damned good at it now. :P    

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Thanks man, life can be pretty ironic sometimes.

I think that's pretty funny actually. Definitely entertaining :3<br />
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