I'm Afraid To Date

I have tried dating, but im not feeling the guys i go out with. Its like they are too much like my ex or they dont have what im looking for. I have found that men are selfish and are only looking for one thing SEX. they dont have respect for love or women, all they care about is how many women they ****. its sad, this whole situation has opened my eyes i think i would be single forever, cause men are pigs.

simsim87 simsim87
22-25, F
5 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I would say the exact same thing with little difference, cause women are *******

Women have been saying the same thing for years and years and years yet the human race goes on and couples keep getting married. Perhaps your not looking in the right places. Maybe your looking at men who are too young

men are pigs huh.. i guess then you've met boys only, not men. Don't judge us due to the foolish advances of a select few. I've seen more flaws in your kind but you don't see me saying all women are ungrateful *******, do you ?

try having hobby's and friends soulmat's can wait get a career people jump into a relationship too soon before they get to know them .

One day you wont have to date, because at some point in time you will find the man who comes to you, and tells you he loves you way before the idea of the bedroom even comes into the picture.<br />
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There is hope for the hopeless, your only enemy is the time it takes for it happens.