I'm Single And Hate It

I'm head over heels for this girl in my class and now since the new year has started, she's my roomate! All of my other roomates know how I feel about her and its starting to get pretty ridiculous. I will spend hours a day thinking about her, I get the vibe she likes me too but we arre roomates, it will just make things awkward. ****!

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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

I don’t know what to say but take the chances to get to know her. I mean if you have feeling for her and you know she has feeling for you then way wait. Maybe it would be kind of weird at the beginning but I’m shore once you get to know her more you might develop more feeling and feel comfortable to be roommates. But yet agene you should talk to her more as just friends, you know go out with copal of friends, study together, stuff like that and see if you and her fell comfortable taking the friendship to the next level.<br />
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Hope this helps, wish you the best :D