You're A Great Guy...

Ah how many times have I heard how great, cute, sexy, what ever I am from girls. And even though they all seem to like me, they have another thing in common: I'm not the right one for them. Some girls say I'm not the right one for them, others say I deserve better then them, I've heard all kinds of reasons as to why they like and love me, but not in a romantic way. That hurts.

I've turned 21 recently and I've had some intimacy, but the last time is almost 5 years ago. Ever since then it seems I got different from who I used to be, or something else is going wrong. Describing myself I'd be quite tall (1.92 cm), and even though I'm not that muscular I still look fit. Looking in the mirror I'd say I'm not unattractive at all, but no super model either. I am currently sporting 4 days a week, and I'm still going to school. I like reading, watching movies and I generaly spend a lot of time on the internet. Some would say I'm intelligent, caring and fun to be around. Yet at the same time I can't seem to connect to people. I rarely get invited for parties, or other social gatherings. And when I do get invited I seem to find myself too shy to even talk to strangers, and when I finally gather enough courage to speak up, I seem to come across weird or harsh. I really wish I was a bit more outgoing and more social, but at the same time I value my time alone a lot.

So I really think my chances of getting a lover any time soon is second to none, and I'm stuck at being single for now. Most of the time this leaves me depressed and I really don't know what to do. I would give a lot just to have some love and affection, and (I know it's wrong) I've been getting more desperate as time passes by. I've been void of love so long I feel like I've forgotten how to love and be loved. But anyway I have been reading a lot on similar topics, and I really recognize myself in them, yet I always find something different in them. Anyway, this is how it is for me, thanks for reading my misery. :-)

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Haha, it's almost mean to say, but nice to see people in a similar situation! At least I know I'm not the only one so that's a relief.. I've been working on it myself as well, and I must say that I talk a lot more and get positive comments.. But I'm still looking to get a bit more accepted.. ahh well I guess that's not an over-night change I can make, nor can other people that meet me. <br />
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Anyway thanks for the comments :-)

I am in the exact same situation as you, i can really relate to what your saying. I'm very shy when it comes to social situations, especially with the opposite sex.<br />
My new attitude to help solve this is just go out there and take fate into my own hands. I'm just going to try and make things happen with the opposite sex, you only live once right? :) x

ironically you speak the way i think...i too have been told countless times by both sexes "oh your so cut", or "you look good" sexy even. but none of them wants to risk being with me. love is a word i accept, but hardly ever feel. i dont want to come off as depressed or anything i jst wanted to comment on the fact that i understand how it must feel, and just to offer my friendship if you want it...who knows maybe we both can talk to each other so wierd it will catch on as the new way of anyways... smile in the face of every problem, just to allow some light to shine things dont seem so dark.... :)

@eelarc: Love is the affection, care, protection, the will to give to eachother without taking back, being there for eachother to share happyness and sadness, having and being a shoulder to cry on, and so much more. Some would say love is fulfilling needs together. Love can happen with or without intimacy to me.<br />
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Love is all that, and I can describe it in a million ways :-P but I guess it mostly is something I incredibly miss and need in my life.

what is love?