I Should Be A Real Estate Agent In The Friend Zone, I Know The Area Like The Back Of My Hand.

i swear, i just give off some sort of vibe that makes all dateable guys back off. sure, they all wanna be FRIENDS, but taking it to the next level? entirely out of the question. it's not like i'm ugly or anything. i don't say that in a conceited way, i just mean, i've been told i'm pretty enough times to know that everything's in the right place. and it's not like i'm one of those high maintenance girls who need to be kept happy every second of every day or they throw a temper fit. i'm like the most low-maintenance person ever. it's ridiculous. i'm not too stupid, or too smart. i have an alright sense of humor. i just don't understand what i'm doing wrong.

justanothergirl14 justanothergirl14
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 8, 2010

hey hun, I totally feel you. I go through the same stuff all the time! But I'm starting to realize that's how all, if not most guys are. Guys, especially young ones, like to play, experiment and just mess with your emotions. Because in the end that's what they want, sex! They are horny creatures by nature I guess haha. But then I see all these other girls with boyfriends, it's like how?! why and how did they find someone who is willing to commit (but I'm sure those guys are cheating on them) but not me!? I get told I'm pretty all the time too and it's not hard to find a guy to show interest in me, but I feel like they are the wrong types. Is it that pretty girls only look like sexual ob<x>jects to them? Is it the way I look, dress, talk, I mean what is it I'm giving off that I can't attract the right type of guys? But you know what, guys, well everyone come and go. And one day hopefully we will find that one special person to sweep us off our feet! Good luck to you girl and don't let these guys bring you down. It will take time..