single as.... the number one lol.


my friends say "oh you're so pretty you're so nice" well if thats true, why do guys not like me? i mean i'm super outgoing, so they probably don't think i'm mean... but maybe....


i guess i was just born a guy repelant...

18-21, F
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go ahead and try (then fail). but how much are you betting?

lol...i could get Gimmie to go out with you!

good thing you have confidence lol<br />
<br />
i get out plenty lol i guess i'm just kinda ugly so that makes my first "impression" bad

i live on a different continent than you

i could get someone to go out with you!

how could you cheat in something like that? lol

but i could cheat!

sure sure wanna make a bet?

nah. you'll find someone trust me....