Maybe Its Contagious...

It seems like a disease doesn't it? No matter how hard we try not to, some of us just can't help but be attracted to people that hurt and betray us.  I know now its not me. I'm done blaming myself for other peoples mistakes. I just can't understand why some people can't just tell us they've lost interest in us, that they don't want us anymore. Yes it would hurt to hear that, but I prefer that to being stabbed in the back. I can't stand it. I know sometimes people can get drunk and act stupid. Honestly, if it only happened once, I could probably get over it, but that's never the case with me. I know that true love exists. I know people that have actually found true happiness. I truly believe that there's someone out there for me, but why does every one up until her have too try and break my heart? Why can't we end relationships respectfully and honestly?

mistaXbarreto mistaXbarreto
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

The human concious doesn't want to hurt itself as much as it hurts the other person. You're exactly right. It would be better if people were honest. But, then again, it would also be better without all these wars. But, that's not happening anytime soon. There is someone out there, I believe that too. I still havent found her yet either. But, we can enjoy the hunt, at least until we do find the golden girl. As painful as it is.