I've Dated Just So I Wouldn't Be Single.

I'm single right now, and ok with it.

In the past, I've dated guys just as a status symbol, like, "Hey, look, I have a boyfriend, so I'm cool." I also used my relationships with guys to hide that I'm bi back in high school after I got labelled as "the lesbian" because I kissed one of my friends. But after I graduated, I came out here to Cali, as far away from my small hometown as I could get, and now I date whoever I want, guy or girl.

But right now, I'm single. And I'm ok with that. :)

EDIT: I'm not single anymore!! :) I'm now with a beautiful girl and enjoying every minute of it :D

Edit #2: Nevermind....single again :/ Think I'm gonna stay single for a while. Screw relationships.

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maybe i could join in your relationship?

A reputation will never follow you when you leave town unless you carry it with you. Glad you figured that out and are doing what you need to do. Best of luck!

lesbian....bi....same thing. lol not quite, but to people who don't like homosexuality, they ignore the part about me liking guys too, cuz then it makes them feel better about putting us down.<br />
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lol I'm mostly just ok with being single cuz i don't have time for a relationship....gotta work to be able to pay my bills, gotta study to stay in school. don't have time for much else. and coming to this site is taking up even more time. lol

since u r ok...so its cool....i've always been single and im cool with it...well,now it has started hurting...hey!!did u got labelled as lesb or were u really a one? its a really badass feeling, i guess......haha...