Yeah Me Too...

hmmm...i think it will be strange for lot of ppl out there...i am 30. not married yet, although i thought that i'll get married by 26 or 27 but somehow that didnt happen. and still virgin...hahaha....thats right!! its one of the most difficult thing to do in this world, these days. but its a real pain, its not a good experience to go through. 

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that's just amazing dude.. wow that really is astounding!! hurrah for that!! do not worry you'll find her soon..she surely is a lucky very blessed to have you..:)

:-)...thanks destiny and my runner mate...thanks for your encouraging comments...u ppl are so good at heart..(i thought i was the only one...haha...)....dont know what else to say except May God bless you all...

i am sure the first person you will have it with would be super lucky... and runner is right, u still haven't found the right one. <br />
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i understand when u said that its not easy.. You are not alone. God's surprises are better than your expectations.

Dude there's nothing wrong with you still being a virgin. I'm 20, in college and still am. I choose to be because of my religious beliefs but even if that's not why you are it doesn't make you any less of a person or man. You just haven't found someone who you can connect with on that level yet. But I believe if you are honest with women and put yourself out there, you will find someone who loves you for you, (and yeah without changing yourself). looked as if i had made these comments myself...thats the reason i got here as well...hahaha...seems i do not have strange normal...

I think that's why I'm looking at these forums at the moment - to find other people with similar experiences, thoughts or feelings and then you realise that your own (experiences, thoughts or feeling) aren't that strange. <br />
I was in a similar situation to you, but I eventually got through it. Good Luck!