Lonely Yes Desperate No

Hello to all that read this,and all who know how it is to be lonely and single. I have been single for 12 yrs, and that is not because i want it that way. It is more or less a moral dellema. I'm trying to get my life inorder to except a companion in the future, but to now avail. I've tried approaching woman and it seems as though they think i'm some what repulsing. This might be because I have two arms full of tattoos. But let me say one thing I'm very much refined and more apt to think others with tattoos are odd also.I'm an artists who findshimself alone with my painting and wondering just when god will help me to find that special someone, and this is where the problem lias. You see I am a hurmit and isolate from sociaty. I think that in some amazing way a woman will just happen to stummble into my life and sweep me away. This as u know is extremely obsured and rediculous. I of all people should know this but no I still think by some devine force of nature she will come stubbling into what i call a life of solitude.

  So if your reading this and thinking that this guy is pathetic, I would have to say ur right. I as so many others will probably find myself living just as i am know a loney selfpittied life that just helps build this wall I call myself. If you learned anything from this is that there is someone more desperate then you and your life has hope as long as theres people like me. Hope this reaches the people who need it the most. Brian m

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

God can fill all the gaps in your life, when you start living each day focused on Him I promise you, any other kind of relationship is a poor second.<br />
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You have so much to be grateful for. You are a survivor and yes, there are emotional scars. But the kind of person you want is not the kind that will shun you because of something irrelevant like tatoos.<br />
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Loneliness and feeling pathetic are Satan's favourite ways of turning you into a passive, ineffectual person who can't reach their potential. Reach out to others, and bless them with kindness and your wisdom... and God will grant you the desires of your heart.