The Diary Of A Single Girl

Last night I spent an hour and a bit talking, or rather, was talked at, by M. We grew up together, went to the same school, I used to buy my 'extra-curricular activities' from him. We've both changed a lot since then. He's now ready to settle down and have a family. We discussed the ins and outs of everything last night, including his old fashioned views on how men and women should interact.

It's quite an eye opener really, that someone at the young age of 29, still thinks that a woman's place is in the home, it doesn't surprise me that much considering his background. Strict Catholic upbringing with a Middle Eastern twist.  He would never date a woman who's been married or has a child. He would never date a woman that earns more than him. He would never date an English woman. He's full of 'morals' yet is completely lost in the 1940's.

So we talked. He said all women were *******, that he wants someone to go home to and just cuddle up with in the evenings. That he no longer goes out because he's tired of it. He would travel all night to spend the night with the 'one' but would expect her to pay for half the petrol. He would treat her like a queen, if only she stayed as his slave.

I know I am exaggerating some parts, but it's the gist of what he said. He has no job, which wouldn't normally bother me, but his history speaks volumes of someone who will never leave his family home. Left college because he couldn't be bothered to finish his coursework. Temped for nine years then left because he got bored. Works random days at his dad's business but comes and goes as he pleases. He's 29years old. Laziness is not attractive.

However, tonight's date is with someone else. Who doesn't text me every minute of the day to ask me what Im doing, who makes me giggle, who is very cute and has even crazier hair than me. The kind of man I could take home to my family and not have to lie about him. The kind of man I didn't used to buy my stash from on my way home from school...

I forgot what it's like, to date again. Before D, I was with Leo, so Im a little out of practise, it's been over five years... I guess I can see Im up for a few free nights out, however I'm not holding out on falling back in love ever so soon after the last time.

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I hope so x

(Wink wink)... I will ring a bell each time I see you smile... Another small steps for a better tomorrow.. Hugs.

I quite liked him............

You know best Lala.

Small steps their lady ........