What A Week

well it all goes like this first off satan is a liar.

this week it all has hit at once. i loose my liscences meaning they were suspended, but that was fixed the next day. but there still in pending to be lost again. some how a reck i was in from 5 years ago came up again and they want to know if i had insurence well i am pritty sure i did but if i didnt i have to have 2 people sign a piece of paper and give it back before december. if not i have to pay 1,100 dollars if not that then i loose my liscences. well then on the day of trying to figure that all out some of my money flew out the window. Okay so  i had a brake down after that. then today is saturday and my job doesnt like me the head boss wants to fire me pritty much. oh and to add to the storey my car is a dump and a waiste of my money.

 so as i continue to wine all is well with my soul and i will carry on because all is not lost yet and i know satan is a lier, a theif, and ect. so i will carry on knowing my life is in the hands of the lord. praise be to him for i know he has a plan for all that goes on.

zipporrah zipporrah
26-30, F
Nov 7, 2009