The Sun Has Just Set & Here I Sit...

all alone on my great big deck. I listen to the sounds of crickets and toads as the fireflies float by. A gentle breeze caresses my shoulders as I type away at my laptop...the glow of the screen illuminating my face. I can barely see the moon hidden behind a neighboring weeping willow tree...just a crescent but glowing a deep yellowish-orange. The cry of a bird makes me lift my head to the impending darkness where I am greeted to the familiar blips of light from the fireflies. Off in the distance, beyond the rows of houses filled with families, I hear the hum of traffic on the Interstate. Are there many last minute vacationers out there, I wonder to myself? I wonder where they're headed...the black hills of Dakota, Yellowstone for some hiking, Colorado to go white water rafting?

As I look through the railing I can see the light from a neighbor's window reflected in the dark water of the pond below. I can see the blue glow of their big screen t.v. and their oldest child seated at the dining room table is clearly visible through the door wall. Sometimes I feel like a peeping Tom of sorts, sitting here behind the branches of my 30 foot pine staring into the homes of my neighbors as they go about their lives. I'm sure they do the same from time to time. Although I think I have the advantage as my deck is elevated & quite large with many vantage points.

I wonder if my husband will ever notice that I'm missing and search out here for me? Ah well, if not that's fine. It's so beautiful out, perhaps I'll sleep in the hammock tonight.

PrettyPixie PrettyPixie
36-40, F
Aug 4, 2008