Could Use A Little Advice

I started dating this buy a few months ago... we hadn't really committed to anything,... one of those, this is cool, lets see where it goes things... last friday, i told him i was over it.... ( for like 6 times in a row, i asked him if he wanted to do anything, his response was "na, i'm just gonna hang by myself tonight" .... I didn't want to be made a fool of, and told him this... i told him i wasn't interested in being a whenever he was up for it kinda girl... previously everything has been really awesome, we click, have a blast, are really cool together... not like anything i've ever experienced... like .. a really good thing... so i started really opening up to him, and letting go of all my fears, then he pulled the , i don't wanna hang out thing, and i pulled back hard.... he asked me to come over the other day, after i didn't call him for a few days... made me dinner, we had a long talk.... put it all on the table, that i wasn't interested in a fling, but admit, i suck at relationships,( im 30 and bounce on every guy I date, after a few dates, and never make it to the boyfriend/girlfriend level.... I asked him before leaving his house, just to ease my mind, said, " hey, you're not hangin with other girls are you, the way you hang with me." he said , "no, but i was, I ended it though" so when he was pulling the 'i dont wanna hang thing' he was cutting ties with her.... i accept that in the beginning, when there's no commitment it is what it is,... i actually was shocked at the honesty.... for the past few days, I only see him when he makes the effort, but it's back to being that cool thing we had befor.... i dig the **** out of him, and we really have an obsene amount of things in common, not to mention an ability to be open ( so i think) thats super cool, and he calms me like no one has..... i don't want to be made a fool of.... should i be concerned about the fact that he was hangin with another girl when i met him, that he never brought up.... he's always been honest with me (just aparently didnt tell everything, but never lied), and i know this because we happen to be from the same home town, and we know all the same people... hes quiet about dating,but as much as that shocked me, i don't feel the need to care... we are still new, and are taking it slow. any opinions or advice?
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Keep taking it slow and whatever you do, try your best to not get attached to him. You do have to be skeptical about the whole true love thing, and the soulmate thing cause a lot of the time I don't think they exist like the way people think they exist. Just hang out with that guy to enhance your life for now but make sure you can do without him. Have the thought that you want him but don't need him.