Am I Skeptical Or Naive?

I'm waiting for butterflies. I refuse to settle. I'm very perceptive. I have had long term relationships, short term, flings, one nighters all that jazz.. and I'm done. Dating someone you barley know is basically like listening to someone lie for 3 months. Most of the time. Is it worth shaving my legs to find out? no.  I'm waiting for fate to sweep me off my feet. In the mean time, I'm not going to go out with someone just cause they asked me, I'm not going to date someone just because... I will date someone when I feel the right connection and maybe JUST MAYBE I'm so special and unique it's just harder for me to find that... mind you I have extensive interepersonal skills and charisma, so I can connect with other people- the real trick is having them connect with me. Frustrating- a bit, but I believe there's a handful of people out there that will actually give me butterflies... and it's all about timing. 
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3 Responses May 6, 2012

I totally agree with you. Dating is a lot of the time a wasteful exercise. I don't like to date. I would love to find that "missing a heartbeat" moment. But those are even rarer. I think finding someone who will be truthful about themself from the start is hard to find, everyone love to live in their own dream of who they think they are instead of who they really are. May be starting with friendship may lead to a more honest relationship? I do hope you'll find someone one day.

After a few butterflies, I can tell you it's the butterflies that make it harder to give up. So really choose wisely :)

Oh my Goodness, I love your spirit girl. I agree with you on all levels! Why does it seem like society always wants you to be "dating" or "seeing someone" I never liked the idea of just randomly dating whoever approaches you, just because they feel connected to you! What if you don't feel that way?? Choose wisely, be perceptive, dont settle, and one day that man will suprise you, and arrive when you least expect it! Thats what I'm hoping for!! lol lets be friends, ;))