Cold As Ice

I'm just a teenager, but I have never had an honest-to-God relationship. I've tried loving many times, but every single one either saw me as a friend, showed disinterest, or worst of all, played me like a harp.

Because of all these girls, I've stopped believing in love. I treat it with scorn, and hate it with a passion. It's weird, isn't it? Hating the opposite of hate.

When I see a sign of lovey-dovey in a public place, be it holding hands to kissing, my tongue becomes coated in acid. I remember leaving a party in a rage after someone suggested seven minutes in heaven, but not before verbally abusing the one who put forward the idea.

People say I'm cold as ice. I say that I know what's coming. No matter what, I'm just a toy to any woman I meet. A plaything, to be discarded the second something better comes along.

I may be cold, but I don't care. As long as my heart is frozen solid, where it can't be hurt, that's all I care.
Trogdor7620 Trogdor7620
1 Response May 6, 2012

Keep your head up kid :) You are not alone. Its not you, its our generation. Im in a sorority and for whatever reason, its like unspoken that people simply dont even consider dating until junior year of college. I think our problem is that we all look for "love" when "like" would suffice, myself included.