Maybe I Am Just Insecure

Here it is. I am a 17 year old lesbian... and I am currently in a relationship with someone who I really care about... however recently I got out of a 1 year relationship... I am over it. But I am afraid that I will get hurt with this new relationship just like I did in my last one. Also... I am very emotional now and just overly argumentative. I just lost my best friend to suicide... maybe that has a lot to do with it.
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iM Here to Help =) Take Care

thank you, I was thinking about it really hard... and I was like, If i trust her I shouldn't dwell on the past. I should leave my old relationship and how i felt in the past. She understand that I just recently lost my friend. Thank you so much and that has actually made me feel better.<br />
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Dont Worry yourself 2 much..sometimes you'll be to Caught up thinking about ur past relationship and how it affected you in different ways..and in your current relationship your partner might think your just not intrested in them and feel weird...Then you guys are going to split..ive been through this with an old ex...he kept telling me i was insecure and we just drifted from shouldnt worry about the past you should stay focus and have fun with your new love....Dont worry about Breaking up because the more you worry its bound to miss your friend alot..and your partner should understand..just sit and talk ;-) hoped i helped =]