I Don't Date

Hi, I'm the idealistic daughter. The one all the fathers of the world wish they had. I'm the girl who doesn't want to date. My mother and my friends are constantly pestering me about how I seem so alone in life and how I need a boyfriend to keep me company. I am always telling them that really I don't. I have seen too many friends get together in 'relationships' and have it end badly or worse they make me choose between the two of them. Yes, I feel the feeling of love for a couple of people in this world, but, no, I will not act on it nor will I stipulate that I like it. I have always strived for control of myself, so naturally I have always thought logically about every single aspect of my life. For these people reading, that is the worst mistake you can ever make. The reason is that when these emotions do show their faces you aren't prepared at all for them. That's probably why I love a guy I knew and was best friends with for 3 years and a guy I knew for 2 weeks I wish that everyone would stop teaming up against me and telling me I'm lonely. I'm not. I am perfectly happy without 'relationship' issues and anyone who thinks differently can take a hike.
RNPsunshine RNPsunshine
13-15, F
Sep 15, 2012