Where Did It Go Wrong

This hole thing about love and hope seems to be lost once I look up. Sitting in my room 14 years old looking around me, watching my friends get a hold of guys they are in touch with reality, sadly thats just not how it goes. I have never been held nor told Oh hey babe whats up...you dont see me in those pictures where its the perfect mixture. Its not like I chose this and I hate my life goes like this. I just feel like this ideal image of love is anything and everything but real just a show. You may not agree because your different than me, you may have a boyfriend and maybe a family but where is this hole joy your get from the touch of a guy who doesnt exist, and probably wont.
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

practical advice: stay focused on yourself and your studies unless the boy really proves that he's into you for more than the way you look. trust me when I say that it might be tempting to be swayed by peer pressure into having a boyfriend but most of us are not worth the struggle. if you get outside the bubble not having lowered yourself for us you'll enjoy far more stable relationships later in life. Where you are now you really don't want to be dating.. It's not because "you're too young" or anything but because boys your age are awful and don't want a shred of responsibility. They will make you compromise everything for them and before long you won't even know a good boyfriend from a bad one.

what I mean by that is that in psychology it's called imprinting. if you get a HORRIBLE imprint before you're old enough to know it's a bad one you will think that is how relationships ARE.