The Romance Out There...

At the moment, I'm definitely not looking at relationships in a favorable light. My friends all have histories of lackluster or hurtful relationships (after the first infatuation period, anyway), my parents have always been shaky with their romance, and me -- well, I've been the heartbreaker AND the heartbreakee.

Divorce rates are up. More and more people are affected by domestic violence. I only hear about lasting, wonderful relationships in fiction and "inspirational" anecdotes. Quite frankly, the statistical likelihood of a  perfect "happily ever after" is nil, since people -- and expectations -- change too much.


I hope I'll find my rose-tinted glasses soon, because my jadedness is depressing me.
AntOnTheMirror AntOnTheMirror
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4 Responses May 20, 2007


Nothing seriously wrong with being jaded. You know all the fluttering hearts and butterflies in the tummy are just another set-up/test for pain. No matter how good a relationship is, there is usually pain in the picture. Romance: It's the same play, just different actors.

Yea, I understand where you are coming from. My parents had a shaky romance too, then a messy drawn out divorce. That's what made me pretty jaded, and I learned to play it safe. (Anyone know that song Because of you-Kelly Clarkson, it's about the effect her parents divorce had on her. Story of my life) Then about two years ago, I fell for somone. It went on for about a year, and was a very complicated relationship. He really didn't make me more cynical per se. But confirmed my beliefs to be cynical. I was kinda a closet cynic before him, then he pushed me out of the closet, if that makes sense. My theory is why bother. Plus, I've always been a really indendent person, and that also keeps me from getting involved.

I know the feeling. It just doesn't seem like it's worth trying because it's probably not going to work out anyway right?