A Girl Who Thinks Like A Guy?

I've never really cared about havig relationships. I've always had a bunch of guy friends, but while my friends were jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend every week of school, I really didn't have an interest in it.
I'm a bit of a skeptic for sure. I don't like the whole fake dating thing that seems to happen. Or how so many guys act like they really care, but then they say disrespectful things about you or women in general when you're not around. To me, that shows a certain amount about a person's character.
Then I get the feeling that most guys are less interested in getting to know me and more interested in getting in my pants. Which (at the risk of sounding like a ****) I don't totally object to. I miss the physical parts of being in a relationship more than really being in relationship with all the cutsy stuff. But c'mon, lets call it what it is. If all you're really interested in doing is a friends w/ benfits scenario then just say so. Stop acting like you're sweet and caring and whatnot. I can see righ through it and that annoys me more than anything else in the world.
I know. I've got issues lol. I really wish I could buy into some of that cutsy stuff sometimes. Seems like it could be nice...
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Jan 11, 2013