Heartbroken!! Please Help!!!

On friday night my boyfriend of a year broke up with me after a massivley intense argument we had over something real small and i turned into something massive for no reason i upset him and made him the most angry i have ever seen me and he ended it.


Last night i went to his house to retreive all my stuff and give him back his, he hugged me and kissed me and i said how sorry i was that i did wat i did and i would never do it again, he then proceeded to tel me that it wasnt over over but he needed a couple of days to think about it, he said that he doesnt want to loose me as a gf because i have made such a massive impact in his life and im so special to him but if he stays with me theres the fear that i might do wat i did on saturday night again, i reassured him that i would NEVER do that again and he said i hope so.


He said i love u so much and u have such a big place in my heart, i have missed you so much this weekend i just need a couple of days to think about what i want to do because im confused atm

I really need your opinions!! PLEASE! what do you think he will do HONESTLY?

if u need to ask me some questions to give me advice then u can ask any questions you like im just feeling like i really need some support and opinions!





ellebaby07 ellebaby07
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2007

Sometimes girls says something unknowingly that realay hurts or annoys guys alot, but for the sake of relationships they just keep quite, and this is the primary reason of most of the breakups, Just think about it and talk to him. I can just hope this wouldn't be the reason of your breakup.

I think you should write what you did, then I could debate about his further actions. What is that so horrible that you did that fateful day?