Calling On the Naturally Thin...

I am 21, 5ft 6 and my weight ,of roughly 8st and something, has been the same since I was in secondary school. From a very young age I have always had a skinny frame.  I ate as much as I want and anything I want.  I do like tryin to stay healthy and going to the gym-probably not as often I should though, but on the occasions I do I am looked at as if  'why is she here?'. Apparently I shouldnt worry about my health because of my size.  I am also told to eat more-even by close friends, people who should know I eat alot,be it not of the best food- but I still eat plenty of it.

  I am in my last year at uni and decided to base my dissertation on naturally slim women.  I thought being one myself, and not enjoying the comments made about my body that surely there cud be something to work with.  Basically I am designing a small collection of lingerie for naturally slim women.  I am looking to find some ladies who would be willing to help.  All I would need is some of your time to give me some feed back on things like, how you feel about your body, do other comments make you feel self conscious, are there parts of your body you love/hate etc....

So I would really appreciate any help.  I want real womens opinions rather than looking towards science etc.  As its the slim woman I want to make feel better.

Thank very much, hope to hear from anyone!lol!


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4 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Your weight is 8th Street???<br />
<br />
I KID!<br />
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:)P<br />
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I know... Damn Yanks....

congratulations on being naturally slim--I remember being 110 lbs all though high school, but that's awhile ago. Hope you can stay slim the rest of your life.

At the moment I'm making one bra underwired and one without. As I dont have the biggest chest in the world, and I find the ones that flatter what I do have are the triangle style bras, if you know the ones I mean, but I find them very hard to find! <br />
I'm not using any padding in my collection, the only things i may use to give the appearance of more curves are by using things like bows, ruffles, or particular styles that create curves. All very feminine but not in a too girlish manner.

hey i'm 5'7 and 119 lbs, and this is my average weight. I eat more of less indiscriminantly, and i'm happy with my body. If you're designing lingerie for thin women, i feel it should excentuate features that are natural. I notice that alot of small or flat chested women end up with bras that attempt to fill them out, and that just isn't necessary, so I hope you can design flattering peices that don't intend to build up, fill out, or otherwise fake body parts that just aren't there. Another thing is comfort, my friend is small and very flat chested, and underwires are her enemy. she has a very difficult time findng comfortable bras, because she doesn't need the support system built into alot of bras for adults. As a result she wears sports bras and hates it. that's what i got, good luck