I am very skinny. Only 88 pounds, which some sources say I should atleast be 95 at most for my height which is 4'11". And no I'm not anorexic, which pretty much everyone assumes. I know being this skinny isn't very attractive, but it's not like I'm purposefully this skinny. I love to eat, but I just have a very fast metabolism. And EVERYBODY is always telling me that being this skinny is "unhealthy".

Another problem is having bones stick out. You can see my collarbone and hipbone, I have pointy elbows, skinny arms, and you can see my ribs. Sometimes I feel so fragile. And I've tried working out with weights, but I'm so afraid my arm will pop out of socket. My little brother is double jointed. So he can bend in ways I can't imagine, and his joints pop out all the time. But mine don't, and I'm scared it may happen. When I was younger I used to have extremely bad ankle pains. Which I still don't know why.

All my friends are always telling me I'm so lucky and they wish they had my body. And sometimes I just wanna tell them that skinny people have body problems too!!!!!! I'm always being told how skinny I am. I guess you can say I'm happy with my body, but it kinda frustrates me too.
Prettylildyke Prettylildyke
16-17, F
Aug 19, 2014