Who Is Racist ?

The word "slave" comes from "Slav",because Slavs were the first slaves in Greek and Roman empire.And Slavs are the only European,white tribe who never had institution of slavery.
I don't mind to have a best friend or co-worker of any race,neither do I give a damn about who is allowed to sit in the bus or nonsense like that,but if I had a daughter - I'd never allow her to marry someone who is not white.
On the other hand,there is 90% of people on EP who would love to fukk someone from the other race.They are also so high and might about political corectness,but when I listen them carefully(in mails for example),they do hate other races.
So who is a racist ; they who smile at you and speak about you behind your back,or me -who say silly things,but don't really have anything against any race.
And to be honest,I find that black people have deep soul and I'm always happy to see black man who is educated and has manners.MTV is racism :they teach black people that they can only sell drugs and that they will never finish school.
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Well, I "love to fukk someone from the other race" and believe that in doing so am contributig to uniting the Human Kind. Never mind "political correctness", for my descendents will be joyning different heritages in them. <br />
Besides: In my undestanding, what best in our Slavonic tradition is the oppen heart and hospitality for strangers and it hurts me very much seeing the current tendency to ksenofobia in many of our nations (including mine!).

What the hell is wrong with you today? Have you finally lost your mind? I was waiting for this day.

just saying what I really think.Yep,I will get deleted,but I just needed to say to Merikans that if you don't crush them - we will

I don't think this is the message you said, but you said pure crap again.