Not As Authentic As I Wish To Be.

I am only half-Slavic. Two different kinds, though. (Some Russian from my mom, and some  Yugoslavian from my dad, making 25% of each.) I wish a was a little more, because in high school I envied people who got to celebrate "Heritage Day". A lot of Americans are like mutts, including me. I just try to pride myself on what I can. I've got a Slavic, unique last name, which took me awhile to like.

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This is a late reply - but do you know specifically which country in the former Yugoslavia? When I was little, I was taught that I was Czechoslovakian and Yugoslavian, but learned that, actually, I'm Slovak and Croatian.

yeah your the same, same countries, just politics & border lines

Ah, yeah, I know how it is. I'm half Polish (my dad's entire family--my mom's family has an English/Norman name, who knows if there's anything else in there). So a half-Slav. Sadly, I don't even have the name, as my grandfather changed his name. Sometimes I toy with the idea of changing mine back someday, but then I think I should wait and see if I marry first. That seems to make a little more sense to me.<br />
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But I've always thought that with things like this, it's your heart that matters more than your blood. I have a friend who strongly identifies as Native American and is only about 1/8 or 1/16--so I figure if she identifies as Native, I can identify as Slavic.

My grandfather on my mothers side had a great slavic family name...guess he had to anglicize it to get out of the ghettos upon immigrating to the US, what a shame that he felt he had to do that just so the effin anglos would treat him better over here. I love the original name but can't pronounce it correctly to save my

Me too Ukrainian on my fathers side and Polish on my mothers side plus mutt last name was changed by grand pa when he came over here they made fun of him with the original last name

yes...I know what you mean.