I Think I Have A Weird Variation Of Clairvoyancy

so im already pretty i am an empath, but lately ive discovered clairvoyant powers, only they arent by the book. i dont see the future, i dont see anything. i dont hear anything. when i look at the color yellow, i dont see it as a color, i feel its energy. i feel everything ( which i suppose ties into me being an empath) but i recently discovered that i can feel the future with my right hand. i have no freakin idea what to call it!. the other day i was with my boyfriend. we were playing cards. he pulls out a card, and says "guess" i put my right hand over the card, breath in an out, " 7" i was right. so he pulls out another "4" right again. and another "king" three in a row! i felt the numbers through my hand. i can only  feel things that are in my future, it started with little things, like i put my hand on the banister and i felt that i was going to fall down the stairs. i was right. the boyfriend i have? i asked him if i could borrow a pen in class, and unconciously put my hand on his shoulder. never talked to him before..... but i felt that something was going to happen between us. i felt our energy's compatibility. i dont fully fit under the category of empath, or clairvoyancy, what name do i put to this kind of perception? what do i make of it? how do i enhance it? sooo confused!

sarahcoco sarahcoco
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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

I've heard of the term extrasensory perception (ESP), you are able to find training cards online, but if you are able to use a playing deck, stick to that. Continue to ask people to guess cards, once you have that down, make it more difficult with drawings and random ob<x>jects while blindfolded. <br />
Good luck :)